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    Sunset Multi-Service and Career Development Center


    Written Proposals Due June 3, 2019, 3:00 PM



    RHA (Owner), invites qualified LEED consulting firms to submit their qualifications to provide LEED Consulting services related to the renovation of the former Renton Highlands Library located in Renton, WA into the Sunset Multi-Service and Career Development Center.


    Program Information

    It is RHA’s desire to renovate the existing, former Renton Highlands Library located at 2902 NE 12th St, Renton, WA 98056, into a new Multi-Service and Career Development Center as part of the Sunset Area Transformation Plan.  The newly renovated Center will provide healthcare, counseling, and education services within walking distance of several hundred families, including a significant number of low-income, elderly, and disabled residents. In addition to serving the needs of the community, the project will be designed to meet LEED Silver certification to ensure the updated building is an environmentally sustainable rehabilitation within neighborhood.


    The approximately 6500 sf building is owned by the Renton Housing Authority and will be operated by joint stakeholders including Renton Housing Authority, HealthPoint, and Neighborhood House, which will be the primary tenants of the building. Other community organizations will lease space within the building, however, Healthpoint will occupy the largest space, currently envisioned at 2500 sf of space to be utilized for basic healthcare and dental checkups.  The remaining space is currently planned to consist of open community gathering space, private offices and cubicles for partners, classroom space and areas for back of house and MEP systems.   These spaces will be utilized by a variety of community and regional partners providing services ranging from job training and employment services to counseling and language assisted services.


    Other Program Information:


    Current funding commitments have been provided by Renton Housing Authority, Washington State Department of Commerce, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, City of Renton, and the Renton Regional Community Foundation/First Financial Northwest Foundation.


    Scope of Work

    The selected LEED Consultant will be required to work with RHA’s Architect and its partners to assist Owner in achieving a minimum LEED Silver Certification, including:


    • Assist Owner in determining appropriate LEED rating system for Project to ensure most economically viable method of achieving LEED Silver certification.
    • Organize, prepare and provide the LEED Silver Certification requirements and tracking to ensure project obtains adequate number of credits to meet a minimum of LEED Silver Certification
    • Provide recommendations and guidance to Architect and design team in regard to products, materials and methods to achieve LEED Silver Certification.  Assist Architect in generating Specifications required for LEED to be included in bid documents.
    • Assist Architect by providing required documentation for the bidding process and any contractor pre-qualification requirements
    • Work with General Contractor during the construction phase to ensure project is properly documented to achieve scoring requirements to reach LEED Silver Certification.


    Submittal Requirements

    Submittal packages must include the following:

    • A cover letter expressing Interest in the project
    • General qualifications and experience of the firm.
    • An identification of the project lead and any support staff who will be available to work on project and resumes or descriptions of each members’ general qualifications and experience.
    • Proposed pricing for scope of work required by phase.
    • An hourly rate sheet for the proposed team indicating the rates for each team member related to the LEED Certification Services identified in the Scope of Work above.


    Evaluation Criteria

    Owner will evaluate proposals in consideration of these criteria:

    • Experience and Qualifications of the firm and identified team members.
    • Project Lead Experience
    • Cost and Pricing


    Selection Process and Schedule

    Owner will review responses to this RFQ and evaluate by the criteria identified above.

               RFQ Notice:   May 13, 2019

                Responses Due:  June 3, 2019




    Please submit all questions to:


    Owner’s Rep and Development Consultant:

    Bob Baldwin,


    Response Delivery Address and Deadline


    All documentation required in this RFQ must be received no later than Monday June 3, 2019


    1 electronic copy via email to the email addresses provided below:

    Bob Baldwin, Senior Manager, Pre-Construction Operations

    Brawner & Company/McCullough Allen








                  Project                                                    Contractor                                 Date Awarded                                   Amount


     Houser Terrace Roof Project                                     Bates Roofing                                        1/28/2016                                             $134,800.00


     Hillcrest Solid Waste Enclosure                                Accord Contractors                             1/28/2016                                             $88,690.00


     Glennwood/Harrington Demolition                       Rhine Construction LLC                      6/30/2016                                          $118,950.00


     Homeownership Community Land Trust               Homestead CLT                                    1/17/2017                                             $N/A


     Sunset Lane Demoltion                                             Maroni Construction Inc.                     2/13/2017                                             $55,737.00


      Tenant Management System                                  Yardi Management Systems               8/10/2018                                          $N/A


      Development, Financial, Asset Mgmt, & HR

           Consultation & Construction Contracts           Brawner and Co.                                     8/13/2018                                           $N/A

           Administration Services


     Multi-Service & Career Development Center       Miller-Hayashi                                        5/01/2019                                           $N/A



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